Roero And Langhe Home Delivery: Food, Beverages, Grocery, Misc.

We’ve been busy compiling a thorough list of area home delivery options during our lockdown (information below is in English and Italian).

I’ve been trying to do one order-in food delivery a week and a couple of wine deliveries to support the local community. It doesn’t seem like much but, it makes me feel like I’m doing something.

And, it is a nice treat to get a delicious meal delivered. If we missed a place, please let us know here or on the Girl’s Gotta Drink Facebook page or via Instagram and I’ll get it updated.

The list starts with food deliveries in Alba in the categories of restaurants, pizza, grocery / fruit / veg, then options outside or Alba proper (most are delivering into Alba, but this list is helpful for those in they countryside. Finally, a list of wine and beverage delivery. Most are linked to their Facebook page as updates on delivery information and menus can be found there.

Amazing meal, delivered to my door from Ristorante Museum Alba.

If anyone wants to make a family’s night here, I’d be happy to facilitate a meal or wine delivery purchase.

If you have a friend or loved one here, I’ll get it arranged. Or, if you just want to treat someone, I can run a little contest to select someone to receive a meal or home delivery.

Thanks to everyone out there working so hard – food to medical, far and wide.

And, if you are far away, check out our wine offer with 10 percent of proceeds going to local medical relief efforts. We’ll be adding more wines and I’m organizing a lot of custom orders.

Much love, friends. Stay well.

Wine delivery from Petricore in Alba. Check out their specials below. I did six bottles and got a bonus bottle.

Area Food Delivery

Alba locations



  • Telephone: 346 593 8838
  • Location: Corso Italia 6, Alba

Momenti Gourmet

La consegna è gratuita e per l’occasione prevedono anche il 15% di sconto su dolce e salato. / Free delivery is free; 15% discount on sweets and savory. You can order at 331 8620682.

La Colomba COJ Catering

Gastronomia, pasta fresca. Consegna a domicilio GRATUITA! / Gastronomy, fresh pasta. Free home delivery. Place orders via Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or by phone.

  • Website:
  • Telephone: 0173 34924 or 348 6837029.
  • Location: Corso Langhe 49/B, Alba

Gastronomia Urbana

Servizio di consegna a domicilio gratuita ad Alba centro, Mussotto, San Cassiano e Moretta, con consegne effettuate dal martedì al sabato dalle 11.00 alle 20.00. In più, ogni 50 € di spesa in regalo una bottiglia di olio EVO da 250 ml, e uno sconto del 15% su più di 180 etichette di vino. / Free home delivery service in Alba center, Mussotto, San Cassiano, and Moretta, with deliveries made from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 20:00. In addition, for every €50 spent as a gift, a 250 ml bottle of EVO oil, and a 15% discount on more than 180 wine labels.

OM – Osteria Moderna

Consegne gratuite a domicilio per le zone: Alba – Moretta – Mussotto – Gallo, per ordini minimi di € 25,00. Le consegne vengono effettuate dal giovedì alla domenica con ordinazioni telefonica. / Free home delivery for Alba, Moretta, Mussotto, Gallo. Minimum orders of €25.00. Deliveries are made Thursday to Sunday by telephone.

  • Telephone: 393.8544816
  • Location: Via Armando Diaz 2, Alba

Villa Garassino

Tacos! Ordini minimi di € 19,00, telefono, WhatsApp, Facebook. / € 19.00 minimum order, call, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Telephone: 345.0056512

Location: Alba

Da Oscar – Gastronomia imperfetta

Offre consegna a domicilio gratuita, anche con servizio bancomat. Prenotazioni telefoniche.  / Free home delivery, also with ATM service. Order by phone.

  • Telephone: 333 7021341
  • Location: Via Piana Gallo 6/A, Alba

Fuori Citabiunda Alba

Hamburger, birre artigianali, stuzzicherie. Consegna a domicilio gratuita in Alba e frazioni, per ordini superiori a 10€ con orari: 12/14 – 17/23. / Hamburgers, craft beers, appetizers. Free home delivery in Alba and surroundings, for orders over €10 with times: 12:00 to 14:00 / 17:00 to 23:00.

  • Telephone: 377.538.3970
  • Location: Via Biglino 1/a, Alba

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