Italy Travel Planning Discovery Calls and Itineraries

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Looking for Unforgettable Experiences in Italy!?

My Italy Travel Planning Discovery Calls cover multiple would-be Italy travelers: 

  • Travel Programs, comprehensive multiple-region trips to one-region shorter travels with activities, lodging, transfers, etc. 
  • DIY Italy travelers: Pick my brain for self-booking or itinerary development. 
  • Special Events: Destination Weddings, Milestone Birthday or Anniversary Trips, Curated Program Planning (business or personal), etc. 
  • The regions I cover includ: Piedmont, Tuscany, Liguria, Veneto (Verona, Venice, Valpolicella, Lake Garda), Emilia Romagna (Bologna, Modena, Parma), Lombardy (Como, Milan, Iseo/Franciacorta), Sicily, Amalfi, and more!

How it Works

Italy Travel Planning Discovery Call:

My work starts before our 30-minute video with intake questions and my experiences and services catalog. After the call, I send a bullet list of discussion points and next steps.

Step 1


Once you book, I send you:
  • Video Call Link
  • My Italy travel planning discovery questions to understand your needs, style, and travel goals as well as budget, special considerations, and more.
  • My Experiences and Services Catalog

Step 2

COMPITI (homework in Italiano!)

  • To get the most of our call, I ask you to get me answers back at least 1-hour before we talk.
  • My pre-call prep involved reviewing your answers so I can prepare ideas, suggestions, and questions based on your unique needs and style. I want time to get to know you during the call to better develop your program, so the prep time helps me take your program to the next level.

Step 3


Post-call deliverables include a bullet list of items discussed, recommendations, and next steps.
  • For DIY Italy travelers, get my notes and suggestions that we discussed from our call. I can also develop a complete Itinerary where you do the bookings yourself. Prices vary by needs.
  • For Complete Italy Travel Itineraries and Special Events, once you sign-off on the program outline, I start the full program proposal with budget. Note that extended programs with multiple regions, specialty needs, involved logistical support are subject to a program development fee (noted in the post-call follow-up).

To book

Cost: €215

Schedule your slot here:


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